Sander Kleinenberg - "This Is Our Night" Animated Video

Sander Kleinenberg posted a video contest late fall in 2009 and I got right to work. I pulled out my modern architecture magazines and drew lot of pictures in my sketchbook. From those I modeled roughly 5 structures and they became the basis for all the sequences you see in the animation. The lighting is a light set to react to a formula along the timeline.

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Dismantling structures before putting them back together Here they are assembled.
Here is my modern church arrangement Later I found out they read as hockey sticks, oh well.
Great sensation of entering a club. The way the lights bounced off of the shaders in this scene was so wonderful.
I applied the rules of Tetris and tried to match beats to moves. One old school game inspiration was not enough so I took inspiration from Space Invaders for this scene.

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